Sale of existing real estate   EN

We also sell your property successfully

For the majority of our private clients a property transaction will only take place once or twice in their life. Simultaneously is a great decision in life and financially.

The right sales strategy is all about selling your house, your condominium, your estate, your farm or your multiple house!

Sometimes your imagination of the right price is not honored by the market.

A realistic and serious market analysis and evaluation of your estate is the beginning of a successful cooperation. See the "expert reports / ernergy certificates" section!

We consider ourselves as your partner in the sale for the best possible success and take great amphasis on close cooperation.

On basis of our longtime experience, we create the appropriate setting for the sale in order to fetch the maximum price for you.

Our service for you at a glance

We accompany you in the sale of your property, give you a meaningful advice and take care of difficult topics, in wich you, as a layman, can quickly lose the summary.

  • a fair astimation of the value
  • if required a valuation
  • the right energy certificate
  • the right marketing concept
  • a market oriented marketing
  • the maximum successful sale
  • contract and notary service