Sale of land   EN

Professional prepared sales of estates

Started right from our establishment, the professionally prepared sales of estates in all sizes has always been one of our priorities.

From individual building sites to large development and development areas for residential ans commercial use.

If discretion is disired at the sale, we are able to transfer the properties successfuly on the basis of longtime experience and connections without advertisement to public.

We can handle the complete preparation and processing for you!


For this reason, we are constantly looking for estates and buildings for the development of terraced houses, semi-detached houses, single family homes and apartment houses in Schleswig-Holstein and the metropolitan region of Hamburg.

But also estates e.g. in Berlin, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, or in and around other cities in other german regions are a matter of interest for us.

For commercial purposes, we are looking for land for the construction of e.g. self service centers (senior homes), shopping mals, logistic real estate, etc. nationwide.

If you are interested to sale an estate, please do not hesitate to contuct us.